A 5-step guide for textile retailers to increase sales in their store

A 5-step guide for textile retailers to increase sales in their store

Encouraging potential customers to step inside a saree shop or apparel store is top priority for every textile retailer. Using appealing window displays, textile retailers can capture the attention of buyers. But once these prospective customers are at the store, how can they be converted into buyers? ? Here are some simple tips for textile retailers to increase sales in their store.

1. Offer best in quality and variety

Textile retailers can win over customers with quality and variety. In this regard, choosing the right sourcing partner will help the textile retailer. By partnering with ReshaMandi, retailers can source exquisite and a wide variety of sarees, fabrics and home furnishings crafted from natural fibres. At a time when markets are flooded with imitations, by offering authentic products sourced from ReshaMandi, textile retailers can build a loyal customer base and increase sales in their stores.

2.  Stock up on what is in trend

One key aspect to keep in mind for textile retailers is to perceive trends prevalent in the markets. It is hard to sell sarees, fabrics and apparel that are out of fashion. Through the trend forecasting reports available on ReshaMandi app, textile retailers can access style guides that will be in vogue in the months to come . With a clear understanding of motifs, patterns, key colours that will be in trend in the upcoming seasons, retailers can source and stock products that will be more in demand. Click here to know about the patterns, motifs, colours for sarees, mens wear, womens wear that will be trending in 2023

3. Let customers try before they purchase

Letting customers try before  buying is a powerful approach to ensure sales happen and also helps  get feedback on a new product. This strategy will also encourage shoppers to return the favour, either with a purchase or a positive review. It will also help retailers to effectively determine consumers’ tastes with the least  investment. 

4. Let customers interact with store inventory

The probability of customers purchasing a product is heavily dependent on what they actually came looking for.. It is important that the textile retailers closely observe the path customers take in the store. This will help the retailers arrange the store’s merchandise in a way  that the customers are able to interact with the store’s inventory while they move around the store.. 

5. Transform your store into an inviting space

When a consumer enters a store, the ambience of the store should put them at ease. Dim and warm-coloured lighting in a physical space and the intelligent arrangement of merchandise can help in activating shoppers’ desires resulting in some impulsive spending. 

6. Drive sales through recommendations.

Acquiring new customers is vital for any  business. Textile retailers can encourage their existing customers to refer their family and friends to their stores.

ReshaMandi is associated with retailers across the country. As their store’s best sourcing partner, ReshaMandi is connecting them with weavers across the country. It is helping them procure a variety of natural fabric sarees, apparel, and home furnishings from various Indian states. With ReshaMudra credit assistance and tech-enabled solutions for their business, ReshaMandi is adding an edge to the income profiles of textile retailers

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