How Is ReshaMandi Transforming The Sericulture Industry?

ReshaMandi CEO Mayank Tiwari in Mulberry farm

Standardizing a billion dollars industry with more than 9 million stakeholders which have been unorganized for centuries is a behemoth task that needs efforts, patience, and most importantly dedication of the highest order.

ReshaMandi’s Mayank Tiwari and Co are showing how practical solutions and technical advances will revolutionize the Silk industry. 

A glimpse of the interview, where our founder speaks about transformation of Sericulture Industry

When asked about the on-ground work with farmers to Mayank Tiwari, the CEO and Co-founder ofo ReshaMandi,

He says “ We have built a huge network of Farmer Centres in under 50km of the sericulture heavy districts, where farmers can get in touch with our representatives, either through a phone call or by physically visiting the center with prior appointment (due to Covid measures). The farmers have the option to pick up their inputs directly or order through the app with the representative’s help. They also have the flexibility to book an appointment with them to collect the cocoons from the farmer’s house to avoid a long journey to the mandis. Once we begin new in one cluster, we start with setting up the market linkage. Our representatives on-ground help us to penetrate these clusters. Once we are a part of these clusters we begin imparting important advisories on the ideal practices to be followed day to day on their farms. These advisories are scientifically backed due to our collaboration with scientists in this field advising on the ideal practices to be followed or to solve any technical query farmers may have. We also encourage them to enroll in our IoT programs, which help them with personalized feeds related to mulberry cultivation for the silkworm to feed on and secondly, the rearing process of the silkworm itself. The quality of mulberry leaves and the quality of silkworm eggs is critical to the entire operation. The IoT devices deployed by us, apart from analyzing the rearing process, also recommend the best irrigation practices to increase the biomass of the mulberry leaves. Timely access to quality eggs, powder disinfectants, and other materials on our app ensures that the farmers are not losing out on revenue. Maintaining the right environmental conditions and providing the right inputs itself has improved productivity by 20% and reduced crop failures by 10%. Farmers associated with us have reported a 30 – 35% increase in earnings within 3 months of our interventions.”

Read more to know what ReshaMandi has to offer to the Sericulture Industry from our CEO.
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