How ReshaSaathi IoT device became Jagadeesh’s silk rearing partner

Jagadeesh has been a silk farmer for 15 years. Hailing from a family of silk farmers, he has seen crop losses as well as very successful crops. He knows well to accept them both, as climate and contamination are the major maker or breakers of his cocoon output for a cycle.

He gets around 8-10 yields annually with approximately 100-125 DFLs. With a good cycle, he used to get around 140Kgs of cocoons. But Flacherie and other diseases were a problem for him, and in such months he used to get around 91Kgs.

The quality of cocoons was also an issue for Jagadeesh because silkworms grow faster and healthier at a particular temperature, humidity, light, and air. This required Jagadeesh to constantly keep a check on these parameters so if per se, the temperature of the rearing shed is not very conducive for silkworms, growth will be hampered, directly impacting the size and thickness of cocoons.

With timely guidance from Agronomists, App-based rearing shed IoT devices provided by ReshaMandi alert farmers if any environmental parameters are non-optimum for silkworms. Jagadeesh has been using ReshaSaathi rearing shed IoT device for 4 months now and he has been observing improvement in the quality and quantity of cocoons production.

ReshaSaathi IoT devices | ReshaMandi

Since the installation of our IoT device, his lowest yield for 100 DFL has been 134Kgs (Whereas, his highest was 140kgs without IoT) and highest yield of 162Kgs for 125 DFLs. IoT has helped Jagadeesh in producing consistent output which makes his business a reliable one.

In addition to this, Jagadeesh has also claimed that he has seen good quality improvement which has helped him fetch a better price in the market than his peers.

Watch Jagadeesh’s testimonial on the ReshaSaathi IoT device.

Jagadeesh is one of our 100+ progressive farmers whom we are glad to bring a positive change with technological intervention and guidance.

ReshaMandi is helping more than 12000 such farmers by opening Mandi’s near farmer hubs where they can come without any hassle and sell their Cocoons at a fair price and buy Inputs.

We have more than 14 fulfillment centers across India and are en route to open more as and when the requirements arise.

Want to know about our IoT devices, call: 7338694594

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