ReshaMandi Enters The Next Phase With a New Look

ReshaMandi Logos

Today marks an exciting day for us, as we’re officially launching the new look of ReshaMandi.

Since its inception, ReshaMandi has brought a never-before-seen disruption to the Indian silk industry by bringing tech to the mainstay. With technologies like IoT devices, super-app, and AI/ML to bring a scientific method to quality grading products. Every stakeholder in the Indian silk ecosystem has different objectives and outputs. To serve them better while uniting the silk supply chain, we are introducing our subsidiary brands too.

Creation has been the buzzword in ReshaMandi, and it is well justified when the company is working towards creating a next-gen silk supply chain for the largest consumer of silk in the world. As ReshaMandi entered a new phase on the back of $30mn Series A funding led by Creations Investment, it got a new face as well.

Our logos emphasize creation in their own way.

ReshaFarms Logo | ReshaMandi

The start point of the supply chain, ReshaFarms, our Agri-business vertical has been helping CRCs(Chawki Rearing Centers) and silk farmers for over a year. The logo represents everything that the sun shines on in relation to agriculture, it’s a world of opportunities out there, and ReshaMandi through ReshaFarm is going to take it.

ReshaYarn logo | ReshaMandi

ReshaYarn, ReshaMandi’s subsidiary that has been supporting reelers and weavers is spread in all 8 directions of Bharat, Resha Yarn’s logo looks like a bundle of yarn, but also has segments pointing in 8 directions. Number 8 has been significant since Mahabharatha, marking 8 directions any creation flows in.

ReshaWeaves logo | ReshaMandi

The beautiful logo of ReshaWeaves is lotus, which can be seen in hands of the creator Brahma and the preserver Vishnu. Multiple petals represent multiple designs and departments coming together to make one beautiful product, This is where silk takes its ultimate form, a fabric that is adorned by millions.

ReshaMudra logo | ReshaMandi

ReshaMudra is our new venture, our next effort in creating a complete silk eco-system. It is our FinTech created to assist all stakeholders of the silk industry. It is essentially the currency of ReshaMandi.

ReshaMandi new logo

Let me quiz you a bit here,

What is the biggest number one could think of? 

What do you get when a team hungry for growth comes across a vast world imploring for solutions? 

Answers are, Infinite () and Opportunities. ReshaMandi is exactly that. We are a team that aims to go beyond infinity to grab every opportunity that arises. 

Now, coming to the logo. It is 2 Infinities infused to form ReshaMandi signifying that we’re ready to go above and beyond the possibilities.

We are excited to enter this new chapter of change. Reminiscing the impact we’ve had till now, we aim to multiply it and bring change to the outlook of the Indian natural fiber industry.

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