Expansion mode on! ReshaMandi expands its operations to North India

ReshaMandi North Expansion

Taking the road less traveled, ReshaMandi is today India’s first and largest B2B marketplace digitizing the silk supply chain. It is evident that it is changing the way natural fiber and fabric supply chain function. The company was founded in May 2020. In just, not even 2 years, ReshaMandi has spread its wings and has arrived in Banaras and Chanderi in a big way to empower the weaver fleet.

In Banaras, a city in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh around 1,24,832 families are engaged in handloom weaving, while in Chanderi, a town in the state of Madhya Pradesh, 60% of its population is directly dependent on the handloom business. Weaving clusters of these 2 cities are continuing the age-old legacy of weaving resplendent Banaras and Chanderi sarees.

ReshaMandi’s Expansion in North India

The weaving patterns and the different vibrant hues used on fabrics make the handloom fabrics of Banaras and Chanderi most sought after in India and also all over the world. Raising yarn prices, the meagerness of quality yarn, and more are making things difficult for the weavers.

With ReshaMandi centres, procuring yarn is easier than ever for the weavers of Banaras and Chanderi. At a time when spurious products are on the rise, the weaver’s fabrics can stand out only when high-quality yarn at the best prices becomes available to them.

ReshaMandi is providing scientifically graded yarn at affordable prices, giving quality and delivery control to the weavers. Weavers are also getting an opportunity to showcase their product catalogs via the ReshaMandi app and connect with numerous retailers.

ReshaMandi is also providing financial loans to the weavers to empower them monetarily. With ReshaMandi expanding its operations to Banaras and Chanderi is not only beneficial for the weavers but will also establish a solid foundation for exporting natural fiber-based yarns and fabrics.


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