ReshaMandi Opens Asia’s 2nd largest cocoon Mandi in Ramanagara

ReshaMandi Warehouse

From the time of its inception, ReshaMandi has contributed immensely in mitigating the bottlenecks hampering the smooth functioning of the natural fiber supply chain ecosystem.

ReshaMandi opens Asia’s 2nd largest cocoon mandi, in Ramanagara. Now, with this marvelous feat, it has proved time and again that it deeply cares about the stakeholders and is doing its best for them. A state-of-the-art processing plant and warehouse will cater to over 1 million sericulture farmers and over 4500+ reelers.

ReshaMandi’s Cocoon Mandi opened on Republic Day

This comes as a relief to the silk supply chain stakeholders. Long-distance traveling for buying and selling of cocoons is now a problem of the bygone era for the numerous sericulture farmers. Scientific cocoon grading at these centers will help the humble farmers get fair prices at an ease.

Establishing a connection between the sericulture farmers and silk reelers is crucial for the silk supply chain. ReshaMandi’s cocoon mandi will bridge any existing gap between these 2 important

verticals. Infrastructural constraints, fluctuating yarn, and cocoon prices are some of the real-time problems which need to be addressed immediately. 

Good quality yarn is a fundamental requirement for all weavers. With many cheap quality goods flooding the market, the silk weavers’ product can achieve numero uno caliber with only supreme standard yarn. ReshaMandi with its new cocoon Mandi is taking things in its stride. Now, reelers will have access to premier-grade cocoons and can reel good quality yarn, which in turn creates great quality fabrics. 

ReshaMandi in its earnest attempts is bringing the humble sericulture farmer and silk reeler, under one roof and resolving the problems faced by them in a logical way. With Asia’s 2nd largest cocoon mandi, in the silk capital of India, Ramanagaram, ReshaMandi has undoubtedly gained a stronghold in the southern states and is all set to expand into other regions.

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