ReshaMandi, an undaunted leader in the silk-consuming South Indian States

ReshaMandi expansion South India

What is synonymous with the Indian silk supply chain? It is undoubtedly ReshaMandi. It is functioning relentlessly to connect serifarmers, silk reelers, weavers, and retailers. ReshaMandi is a household name in Karnataka’s sericulture farming and weaver families. From providing tech-enabled solutions to serifarmers and weavers, ReshaMandi has come a long way.

ReshaMandi south India expansion
ReshaMandi’s reach in South India

 Now, it is foraying into Salem and Dharmavaram by establishing ReshaYarn centers. Dharmavarm, in Andhra Pradesh and Salem in Tamil Nadu, are cities densely populated with weavers. Be it Sunday or Monday, the looms of these cities function non-stop, weaving magic, world-renowned silk fabrics exported to different countries and preferred extensively in many South Indian cities. Salem alone accounts for about Rs 5000 Crores total value of cloth produced per annum, thus generating a massive livelihood opportunity.
ReshaYarn centers of ReshaMandi are a blessing for the weavers of Salem and Dharmavaram. The ongoing pandemic has manifested into a different set of problems for these wavers. Long-distance travel restricted, high cost of raw materials has worsened the scenario. However, with ReshaMandi coming to aid, all these problems will be a matter of the past to the weavers.

Weavers are the important link holding the silk supply chain together. So, accessing good yarn quickly and at a reasonable price can alone aid the weavers to generate quality products. With ReshaYarn centers, weavers can get yarn to continue with their work and meet the growing demand of the fabric industry.    Also, with ReshaMandi, the weavers of Dharmavaram and Salem are presented with a one-click platform to connect with multiple business houses and ensure good money for their fabrics. With these warehouses of natural fibers in South India, ReshaMandi is cementing its leadership and effectively digitizing the silk supply chain.

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