ReshaSamvaad 2: Expanding the Horizon

ReshaSamvaad | Ramanagara

Ramanagara is the definitive silk city of India. A place where people across Karnataka and its neighboring states come to sell their cocoons, reelers buy cocoons, and finally weavers buy yarn from reelers and work their magic in making gorgeous silk products. We have Banaras, Chanderi, and several other much busier weaver hubs in India but Ramanagara is where silk happens. This is the heart of the Indian silk industry.

So what better way to introduce employees to the real silk industry than take them to Ramanagara?

And thus began the eventful journey to Ramanagara. Full of eagerness, hope, and curiosity. To break the ice of these ever-growing teams we definitely had to play some fun antakshari, dance, and some tasty food.

The Reelers Units

The first stop was at the busy Reeling units of Ramanagara. The ever-so-friendly Reeler community welcomed us with open arms and explained the process of reeling to our curious employees who yearned to understand the meticulous effort that goes into reeling silk yarn out of cocoons.

ReshaMandi in Ramanagara

The Weaver Units

Then the team visited a local power loom unit, and employees observed the fascinating process of weaving, demonstrated. Our subject matter expert and CEO Mayank Tiwari explained the way different types of looms work.

Prasansha Saha, our Business Unit Head gave us a general idea about the process of weaving, the different kinds of silk sarees, how they are weaved and why some are more popular than others.

ReshaMandi in Ramanagara

Cocoons Procurement

Our National Head of Procurement, Shobhith, explained the way cocoons quality is graded at ReshaMandi so the fair prices to farmers are provided. This was demonstrated to train the new joiners who were appointed at newly opened ReshaMandi fulfillment centers.

ReshaMandi in Ramanagara

Meets, Greets, and Rewards

While the entire team spent time with each other through all the demonstrations and training, now was the time to thank the reelers for giving ReshaMandi an opportunity to do business with them, and in return, they thanked our team with garlands and shawls.

ReshaSamvaad | Ramanagara

ReshaMandi never leaves an opportunity to appreciate its employees for their exhibition of diligence, dedication, and skill. So, next up in the itinerary were the Rewards and Recognitions. Our CEO distributed rewards. Then our ever-lovely Chief Accounting Officer Jagadeesh Shetty turned into our Chief Fun Officer and kept the spirits high before the team returned to Bangalore.

As ReshaMandi keeps on reaching new heights. It was time for us to thank our employees and promote healthy connections between employees as we understand they make a workplace drastically better and conducive to new ideas. 

This event not only helped create several valuable bonds amongst employees but also get a new perspective on the intricacies of silk farming, reeling, and weaving.

Check out what happened at our first ReshaSamvaad here.

Panel Heading

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