ReshaSamvaad 3: Growing Together

ReshaSamvaad | ReshaMandi

From the 2nd ReshaSamvaad that was conducted in Ramanagara. ReshaMandi is not just a startup with a garage dream. It is bigger and definitely better. 

As the Karnataka government lifted the lockdown after 2nd wave of Covid, The 3rd ReshaSamvaad was commenced, the total number of employees was tipping over 150 to accommodate the rate at which ReshaMandi is growing. There were bigger achievements to be celebrated and bigger ideas to be shared. 

Preparation for upcoming challenges

The event started with employees rejoicing the bonds created in previous ReshaSamvaad events and the new joiners fitting right in. Our CEO – Mayank Tiwari addressed the employees and explained the updates, business information, and future plans for ReshaMandi and a glimpse of what will happen for the next part of the event followed by Utkarsh Apoorva, our CBO.

Then the Business Unit Heads, Davesh Bhadouriya and Kshitij Kuthiala explained the new updates that could ease the tidy process at ReshaMandi fulfillment centers. Exciting new Incentive plans for our employees were introduced to make sure their hard work is rewarded and we made a rule to only accept online payment in support of ‘Digital India’. 

After the knowledge transfer and training session, the forum was opened to Q&As. Many employees explained some of the complications and problems they face, while heads provided solutions.

Rewards and Recognition

Silk farmers across Karnataka were facing huge problems during the statewide lockdown. ReshaMandi was helping them buy their Cocoons, supplying Mulberry leaves and several essential inputs as well as logistical support for them.

This was made possible by our dedicated employees. They traveled around to silk farmer hubs near them and introduced ReshaMandi to them. The work they did during these hard times is commendable and it was time for us to thank them.

As a token of gratitude, we acknowledged our employee’s hard work and the value they bring to ReshaMandi, by rewarding them. Many received much-deserved promotions as well as they successfully carried out the responsibilities ReshaMandi entrusted upon them.

Rewards and Recognitions were followed by a sales break-out and training session conducted by our Business Unit Heads, Prasansha Saha and Manish AK to our B2B employees who facilitate Reelers and Weavers. 

Then our Product Manager Ashwini explained the new helpful updates from Tech Team on the App that needs to be propagated to Farmers. As well as new updates which are going to help ReshaMandi center managers carry out their tasks easily. And several new updates were explained to B2B employees as well that helped them streamline their processes.

As the Knowledge transfer sessions came to an end, it was time to revitalize the already built relationships amongst our employees. What better way to do that over QnA session, some tasty food. Finally, goodies were distributed to all the Humans of ReshaMandi as memorabilia for this event before saying goodbye.

Panel Heading

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