ReshaSamvaad – ReshaMandi’s First All-Hands Meet

Humans of ReshaMandi

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.” –

Booker T. Washington

This was the philosophy behind ReshaMandi. to help farmers, reelers, and weavers continue their contribution to the Indian silk industry even during the pandemic. 

And this philosophy was extended while building a team of high-spirited employees. Making ReshaMandi a place where they belong and grow. Which in return has made ReshaMandi a success.

The first ReshaSamvaad was a small token of gratitude and a celebration of several milestones achieved and several more to be conquered.

When the idea for ReshaMandi was conceived by our Founder Mayank Tiwari, it started as a way to help silk farmers during the lockdown. 

First ReshaSamvaad – All hands meeting which happened in January, started as a way for our founders to share their vision with employees. It would equip them with the necessary knowledge and training to perform well on the field towards one common goal of helping all stakeholders of the Indian silk industry.

Rewards and Recognition at ReshaMandi

Then the teams started introducing themselves and shared their experience, where they come from, how their experience with ReshaMandi has been. This went on to become a pivotal part of all our All hands meets as the relationship amongst employees and with ReshaMandi has made the company what it is today. A giant catalyst of the Indian silk industry.

Our team had experienced and skilled silk farmers, bank relationship managers, power loom operators, motor mechanics, and many more who became brand representatives of ReshaMandi. Working towards helping farmers, reelers and weavers relentlessly.

Davesh, our Business Unit Head, and his team set up procurement centers across the state. They worked tirelessly to set up the entire agri-business front of ReshaMandi in all the important silk hubs of Karnataka. 

Another team was being led by Manish AK, Business Unit head, who helped build and deploy the team that continued what Davesh’s team had started and supported several weaver hubs with Indian silk yarn in times when weavers were struggling to get a reliable supply of quality silk yarn. 

Our tech team worked at a brisk pace in developing India’s first super app and other tech for all the stakeholders of the silk industry. This was the time to acknowledge their efforts and congratulate them all for everything they have achieved.

Our HR who built the teams of talented and hardworking employees and our Chief Accounting Manager who efficiently worked his magic with money.

It was time to recognize and reward them for their hard work.

ReshaSamvaad | Ramanagara

ReshaMandi rewarded all the employees who went above and beyond to achieve the company’s goals.

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