Taking the Silk Route-Ahead: A Road Less Traveled, Making all the Difference

“Whenever there is a challenge, there is also an opportunity to face it, to demonstrate and develop our will and determination”. – Dalai Lama

I had reached a sweet spot in my career where everything was going as planned, but the monotony was starting to set in. The spark was missing somehow and it was time to break the routine. While looking out for the “next big thing” that would either make or break my career (a risk I was willing to take), I came across ReshaMandi. What caught my eye was their vision – Digitizing Sericulture.

With the hope to revive the spark, I joined ReshaMandi.  A couple of weeks in, I realized that this company is on its way to transforming the sericulture industry with its one-of-a-kind mission of digitizing the silk supply chain in India using technology. Being a techie, this was like music to my ears. I was given the opportunity to demonstrate my expertise in a creative, never-before-tested way to create a digital revolution. The spark was resurfacing.

As I reflect on the past year, I can say with confidence that it has been life-changing. My perspective about technology, UI, and Coding has taken a paradigm shift. My mentors and colleagues have made me believe that nothing is impossible and coding is not always about inputs and outcomes, but it is a science and art in itself. They motivated me towards thinking out of the box and acting beyond my known abilities which helped me in coming out of my comfort zone opening a world of possibilities. 

At ReshaMandi, we believe that the foundation is and will always be the stepping stone of success, so there is no fear of the outcome since if the process and architecture are strong then scaling and activities will not have any adverse impact. All the processes and products of the company are built from scratch including administration panel, follow-ups management, end to end reports, end to end audits, dashboards, quick actions for onboarding our customers, end to end customer management by persona(Chawki, farmer, reeler, weaver and retailers), In-house KYC module and IoT device associations for farmers, AI-ML(Cocoon Price Predictions, Renditta Testing, and Mulberry heatmaps) and the list goes on.

A successful company ensures that all its employees across different levels of hierarchy, work towards a common objective, and this has been the guiding principle of ReshaMandi. Our integrity, teamwork, and collaborative approach have helped us execute tasks most efficiently. Irrespective of our role in the company, each of us is given clarity regarding the company’s future endeavors and how we can grow and contribute towards revolutionizing the sericulture industry.  

A year later, I am still rearing to go, with the spark brighter than ever, and Reshmandi growing exponentially into a pioneer. I am glad to be part of a new revolutionary period in India’s silk industry.

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