Technological Disruption and Its Impact On Silk Production

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Indian Silk Industry is riddled with inefficiencies, the lack of market linkages, the non-digitalization of an archaic system, and ultimately the lack of technical intervention. Yet this billion-dollar industry in India is booming.

ReshaMandi entered the market intending to build an ecosystem for all the stakeholders of the Silk Industry by bridging the gap between them while providing solutions at every step to improve the cumulative efficiency of the system. 

Technological solutions were next to none in an industry that was this rich but draining and ReshaMandi has been successfully inventing and implementing the solutions.

A Super-Application for all the stakeholders of the Silk industry

ReshaMandi App enables farmers to buy Chawki, sell Cocoons, good quality inputs, and other essential products that are inaccessible to many. Our Agronomists also provide timely advisories and best practices to follow.

Chawki rearers, Reelers, Weavers, and Retailers also use this app for the various benefits it provides them at their fingertips. Thus bridging the gap between these stakeholders digitally.

Induction of IoT devices in Silk Farming

In an effort to provide holistic solutions to farmers, Technology is integrated to constantly guide, warn and suggest farmers to bring out the best possible outputs.

Our ReshaSaathi IoT devices play a major role in that. IoT devices for Chawki rearing centers and rearing sheds help owners with environmental readings like humidity, temperature, lighting, and air quality that determine the growth of silkworms at early stages and avoids crop failures and thus as an end result the quality and quantity of Cocoons.

Knowing that the Mulberry leaves are the sole food of Silkworms and that the nutritional quality of the leaves directly affects the cocoon production. Mulberry Farm IoT Device is brought into our ecosystem to ensure that good quality leaves are fed to silkworms, the device not only cuts down on inefficient Mulberry farming methods but also saves up to 60% water and improves the Mulberry quality and production. Ultimately improving the cocoon production as well.

Mulberry IoT Device
Our Mulberry IoT Device installed in one of our farmers’ land.

ReshaMandi is helping me sell my produce at a good price and now with IoT, they are helping me increase my produce. I am sure I’ll get 10% more cocoons than my brother this time

Srinivas reddy, silk farmer

AI/ML approach to scale the effective quality testing

There are pre-existing tests such as the Renditta Test and Denier tests to determine the price based on the quality of Cocoons and Yarns. But they haven’t been implemented in the market making the entire grading system an unfair and non-standardized one. 

As these tests are not scalable when done physically. The employment of Artificial Intelligence to grade the quality of Cocoons with just pictures is a new innovation ReshaMandi is implementing to make sure farmers get a fair price for their Cocoons as well as realize the quality of their products and take necessary steps to improve the same.

Improvement in farmers’ production since their visit to ReshaMandi

The graph above shows how our farmers are able to increase their cocoons sold to ReshaMandi by the same set of farmers across 5 months.

The 417% increase in cocoon production by farmers in the month of March is huge, and the consistency in the next 4 months is proof that it is not just a fluke but a constant effort put by ReshaMandi in helping farmers with techs like ReshaMandi App, IoT devices, Good quality Chawki, Inputs, and guidance by our scientists.

It indicates the immense promise and positive impact technological implementations at the ground level can have on the Indian sericulture industry with farmers at its core.

Read how our Rearing Shed IoT device helped Jagadeesh, our silk farmer from near Sarjapura: Read here

Are you a part of the Indian silk industry? Apart from assisting Silk farmers, We also help Chawki Rearing Centers, Reelers, Weavers, and Retailers. Click to Download the ReshaMandi app now.

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